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Delhi Advertising
Advertising in Delhi- A much observed trend!
Delhi is the vibrant capital city of India. Delhi Advertising or advertising practices in and around the city is one of the much observed trends ever since advertising practices were introduced in India. Delhi Outdoor Advertising practices are widely carried on by various brand owners and advertisers in the city. Airport Advertising, Delhi Mall Advertising, DMRC Advertising – all these set the tone of OOH Advertising practices in the capital city.
Mumbai Advertising Advertising in Mumbai- An age old trend!
Mumbai, the bustling Indian city which is otherwise known as the ‘dream city of India’ is also the commercial and business hub of India. Advertising practices in this city is an age-old trend. Mumbai Advertising can be considered almost synonymous to the launch of advertising practices in India. Various decades old, Mumbai Outdoor advertising is also widely practiced by innumerable numbers of brand owners and advertisers. One of the avenues of outdoor mode of brand promotion in the city is Mumbai Airport Advertising.
TDI Advertising Advertising is an imperative tool used by marketers to promote a product, service, cause or business. Advertising is non personal in nature and solely aims at driving sales for the product or service. Advertising as a brand communicator bridges the gap between potential customers and the brand. TDI Television Advertising Television Advertising is one popular means of brand promotion exclusively used by most of the brand owners and advertisers. TV commercials or advertisements are most often entertaining in nature along with their musical brand jingles. Audio-visual in nature television advertising is an effectual means to influence the target audience. TDI Advertising TDI Advertising renders the most effective reach and impact to the target group to promote a brand or service. Also portable in nature advertising is considered one of the most successful means of brand promotion used by advertisers. TDI Print Advertising Print advertising provides another valuable means of brand promotion to reach the target group. Prints ads such as flyers, mailers, pamphlets, brochures etc provide detailed brand information to the target audience. TDI Outdoor Advertising Any promotion campaign about a brand, service, cause or business which is carried out of homes comes under outdoor advertising. Outdoor Advertising is the oldest modus operandi for brand promotion. However, this means of advertising still provides effective and rich impact to the target groups about the brand. Billboards, kiosks, digital signages, translites, backlights etc are few tools used for outdoor advertising. TDI Airport Advertising Airport Advertising comes under outdoor advertising and is one of the latest trends of brand promotion exclusively used by outdoor advertisers. Airport Advertising targets rich potential customers who are on the go. Providing a premium look to on-lookers, airport advertising is an elite mode of promoting a brand, service or business idea. TDI DMRC Advertising Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Advertising is another subset of outdoor advertising. Brand promotion via the mass rail transportation system of the National capital is one of the current trends prevailing in the market. Few tools of DMRC advertising include backlit translite, LED and LCD, digital billboards, electronic kiosks etc. TDI Mall Advertising Another latest technique used by outdoor advertisers is mall advertising. Mall advertising targets those customers who come to the various shopping malls to shop, dine or to simply hang out. LCD, LED, digital signages, billboards etc are few tools via which mall advertising is deployed. TDI Mobile and Internet Advertising Mobile and Internet, both are personalized mediums of brand advertising which is why advertising via mobile or internet effectively reaches the desired target group without any failure. Few options of mobile advertising include gaming, Bluetooth, ARBT service, contest hosting, WAP applications etc. Few options of internet advertising include banner ads, virals, EDM(s), pop ups etc. Locations TDI - Media owners in India provide services in Airport Advertising as well as Outdoor Advertising in various locations like Delhi Outdoor Advertising, Ahmedabad Airport Advertising, Amritsar Airport Advertising, Bangalore Airport Advertising, Advertising in Bhopal, Calicut Airport Advertising, Cochin Airport Advertising, Chennai Airport Advertising, Coimbatore Outdoor Advertising, Goa Airport Advertising, Hyderabad Airport Advertising, Jaipur Advertising, Jammu Airport Advertising, Kolkata Airport Advertising, Lucknow Airport Advertising, Mumbai Airport Advertising, Pune Airport Advertising, Trivandrum Airport Advertising, Tirupati Airport Advertising, Vadodara Advertising, Trichy Outdoor Advertising and Mangalore Outdoor Advertising.

Mr. Prem Bajaj, Chairman & Managing Director TDI International India P Limited
He is the Chairman and Managing Director of TDI providing dynamic leadership to the top Management Team with over 28 years of experience in the Aviation & Advertising Sector. He founded the company because of his vision to bring Airport Advertising at Indian airports to the best international standards. A leader with compassion, he understands client needs in this competitive industry as also the need for the Worlds best technology to meet and surpass client exacting requirements.

Mr. Hiyav Bajaj, Director
Masters in Accounting, Finance and Management from Bradford University, Mr. Hiyav is a leader with a positive attitude and a "justice for all" approach, he knows how to get the best out of the human resources at his disposal and his never-ending thirst for knowledge and a focused quest for learning & Implementing the latest management techniques, makes him unique among the members of the corporate family. Mr. Hiyav is an entrepreneur with a 10+ year track record of providing leadership and advise on various aspects of Strategic Leadership, Business Development & Sales Leadership, Financial Leadership, Leadership on Management process improvement, New business Start-up, Branding and Image building.